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Rohit Yadav weds Rushal yadav
It was a gloomy evening, had a lot of frustrating work in refinery. Hands of the clock were at right angle when I logged into my account. A window popped up showing respond to one interest that you have received. I opened the profile. Before I could read the profile a colleague came near to me and said “Are you crazy? She is so pretty and you are busy with profile. First accept the interest and then read the profile.” I laughed and read the profile. Smiled, yes of course we can have a life together. I clicked the Accept Interest button. A couple of days passed. I received two consecutive mails. ZSUV0043 have declined interest in you. ZSUV0043 have expressed interest in you. Declining and again expression of interest confirmed me that actually there is some interest. Days passed nothing happened. One night I slept leaving my PC on with opened facebook. Early morning I had one friend request. Fortunately it was her. Accepted immediately. I was getting late for the office. When I came back I could not see the friend whom I have added in morning. I thought it was a hallucination. But how could be it? I wasn’t an alcoholic. I searched the Name and found the profile I was looking for. Before I could think of any supernatural phenomenon, I had a life changing message in my in box “Hi”. I verified if she was the same girl. We chatted for about one and a half months. We never talked about marriage. I was sure her interest was diminishing. Before it vanishes completely I had to talk. Few days later I was travelling to city of where my “Mataru” and she lived. I received her message. I smiled, Ohh..!! she still remember me. After getting consent of my family, I asked her to meet. It was time to speed up the process. I asked my sister to talk to her father. It was most shocking for her. Meeting was fixed after one day. It was the biggest day. Length wise as well as event wise. Venue was decided Café Coffee Day “The Square” Janpath, New Delhi. I reached the venue on time. It started raining heavily. After waiting for about one hour she arrived with her family. A pretty girl partly wet with blushed face. We could hardly look at each other. We occupied a sitting at a distance from the families were gossiping. We talked for 25-30 minutes. Actually, we had nothing to talk. Both of us were blushed. I was sure that we are not going to reject each other but not sure about the families. In evening preliminary consent was declared from both sides. Her father wanted to visit my home town. He visited with his brothers and son. Doubt of huge dowry was vanished. I was in a train when I received Congratulations from her. We were fixed forever.