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Sanchay Lahari weds Prerna Pareek
Let me start by thanking JS to come up with such a platform. Thanks to you guys I have found my life partner and we are planning for a November 2020 wedding! So here goes my story - Honestly, I never believed in the concept of arranged marriages and more so marriages being arranged on portals like JS. But on the insistence of one of my close friend I took the dive, quite reluctantly. In hindsight I think, the day I became mentally ready to get married, I started taking the process of finding my life partner as a major life decision and started giving it my time and focus. My mom also downloaded the app and it became a joint exercise for us. All the proposals we came across were from genuine backgrounds and it was a really nice experience getting to know what a girl's perspective. I think one can never know what one wants. But we are all good at knowing what we do not want. After interacting with 7-8 girls I started becoming sure of what I do not want in my prospective life partner. It gave me a different perspective of looking at the entire process. Although this misunderstood indecisiveness was wearing out my mother's patience, but I knew that even if the right girl shows up a little late in my life, it would be worth it. And "WORTH IT" it was going to be. One morning we got an Interest from a profile. Quite surprisingly, both me and mother accepted it simultaneously. Both of us liked girl's biodata, her family background and the profile pictures. We received a call from the girl's parents and after the call my mother told me that she felt as if she was talking to an old batchmate. She immediately felt the positivity and value alignment. Then I spoke with PRERNA for the first time. We spoke for over an hour and the interaction made me think - "Where was she all this time!" Our conversation continued on for 15-20 days and both of us felt the need to meet and decide on how we should take this forward. This was a going to be a tricky thing for multiple reasons - I had not told my father about it directly, secondly corona was spreading at a much faster rate. So gathering all strength I approached my father and showed her Prerna's pictures. He gave a long gaze and to my utter amazement he told me that you should go ahead and try to marry this girl!! This was magic! I never really imagined it was going to be that easy. But I guess when the right person shows up, it becomes easy. So, even in "Corona Kaal" I took a flight and we met in her home in Delhi. My bhaiya and bhabhi who also live in Delhi, accompanied me and it was a good interaction between us all. The decision became easier after the meeting and everyone from both of our families was very happy with the decision we took. I can say today, that we find love in places we may not have been even looking for. Honestly, what started as a reluctant Sign up lead me on a path where I was going to find the love of my life I read this quote and my feelings resonate with it - "You will know you made the right decision when you feel the stress leaving your body, your mind and your life." Quite luckily these feelings also resonate with my mom, dad, my friend who made me sign up on JS, my "To be better half's" mom and dad.. and most importantly she feels the same about it. And that is an amazing feeling 😊. In my honest opinion, is far better in the quality of its profiles and suggestions as compared to other portals. I would highly recommend JS to everyone who is thinking of getting married and doesn't know where to start!