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Abhijit Roy weds Anushree Bose
Every love story has a beginning. Ours started on Jeevansathi with the simple "hi!" This platform gave us a good glimpse of each other in the form JS profiles. The JS profile format is informative and interesting, we liked what we read about each other. After a few messages, we exchanged numbers. What started as a short and sweet phone call soon bloomed into an endearing companionship. The pandemic and its challenges further cemented our bond. We felt lucky to have each other when the world around us was crumbling from the corona virus disease. We are grateful to team Jeevansathi! To the Jeevansathi members looking for a mate, we say, hang in there. If you make a good profile, don't shy away for sincere and hard conversations, and take the heart to persist despite rejections, you will eventually find your partner. Before meeting each other, we have had our share of awkward dates, crushing rejections and disappointing deal-breaking discussions with other people here. Don't give up. Every profile to skim, skip, accept or reject is taking you closer to the one right for you.