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Aman Mehta weds Heena Sardana
When we come to a platform like JS, sometimes you come with expectations and baggages of your own (p.s sometimes they are same thing). When Heena or her family initiated, I kept her on hold for few months because, even though her profile had the "fundamentals", the mind wanted more and more hoping to get the dream girl. Little did i know that dream girl had already sent me request months back. So, one day, I decided to randomly accept old requests and started having conversation with her. We started chatting in the middle of the day, and the conversation went till midnight and beyond. Talking to her that day and even today is like, looking into a mirror that shows truth about me. It was our second conversation the next day, when i told her she is the one. My closest friends thought i was CRAZY. This was unlike everything i had done before i.e. taking big decision from the heart alone. It has been 4 months since I made that decision and even though our journey had many ups and downs, we stood next to each other and coming 15th feb we take oaths to stand by each other forever. My rational mind has never believed in the concept of soulmate, but my heart knows what it has found and I happy beyond imagination that my heart could recognise his soulmate. I have never been this grateful. My journey has taught me to provide people with proper closure and perhaps that's one of the reason I am writing this. Because somewhere i feel there must be a hopeless romantic working at JS thinking that they help soulmates reunite. Well let them know they did. Thank you JS ❤️