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Harsh Shah weds Siddhi Soni
I chanced upon my true love ❤️ via jeevansathi, as if it was meant to be by the universe. Social connections had always been a struggle for me, but the moment I saw her captivating smile, I knew she was special. Though it wasn't an easy start when we first connected, my lady love took charge and urged me to put in more effort. And it worked like magic, just like a beautiful fairytale. We began spending sleepless nights together, connecting over video calls every day. Everything felt effortless and natural. When we finally met in person, it felt like we had known each other forever. She was a furr ball of innocence and warmth, and I felt that she was mine from the very beginning. We had already shared the news with our parents, and then we introduced each other to our families, they were overjoyed to see us together. And on my birthday, she made it a day to remember forever. Finally, on 21st January, we made the commitment to each other for life. It was a moment of pure love, one that I will always cherish.