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Utkarsh Singh Bundela weds Khushbu Panwar
Hi, I am Utkarsh, now happily married, all thanks to We saw each other here only, I found her first, and instantly liked everything about her. She was very enigmatic and poised to look at, for me this much was enough, I'm too shallow like that. ;) and for my family her profile had everything that we could wish for. A simple, cultured and educated lady. And so, without any further ado, I sent her an interest. Which she so graciously accepted and restored my faith in humanity. Which was brutally shattered by some of the ladies earlier. :P Soon we begin chatting. Then it grew a bit and calls were exchanged and after initial hesitation she found me worthy enough to take the next step. Soon we met along with our families. And instantly develop a liking for each other, however our families were not so much on the same page initially. A phase ensued where things went a little dark but she never let me lose hope and this made me understand her better. Like how strong and mature she is inside and how much has she began to trust me. Sometimes even more than her own family. This made me feel lucky to have found her and something started to grew inside me which was more than mere liking. We started to trust each other, she started to care for me a lot more and our relationship started to flourish secretly inside us both. Soon things came back on track as our families realised and accepted the match. We got engaged in January this year and married on 29th April. And thus began our happily ever after. :) Thank you Lots of love Utkarsh & Khushi