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Sachin Patil weds Ketki Jadhav
It was that evening I decided to delete all my matrimonial profiles because I was tired of getting too many unwanted requests. Just thought of giving it a last try and I came across 'his' profile. I couldn't resist to send him a request, he was just so perfect. Next day when I went to office, I got a good morning msg from him and we kept on chatting whole day. After 2-3 days of whatsapp chat, we spoke over phone but that conversation was too awkward. We then decided to talk for few more days before involving our families. After a week, we both took initial approvals from our respective families and moved ahead. He came to Kolhapur, we spent entire day with each other and thought we can take it further. Next day, he came to our place with his family. Both the families liked it and now we're getting married. It was that simple. Or maybe it was very difficult. There definitely were many problems but as they say if it's meant to be, it will be. It was surely meant to be. I sincerely thank for uniting us. Never thought arranged marriage would be so lovely! Thanks again!