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Tanooj Chandak weds Anisha Mandhania
From the time we connected, it took us almost a week to actually set up a call. But once it did happen, our first call lasted for 3 hours! It felt like talking to someone I knew for years, Tanooj just seemed familiar… it was like reconnecting with an old friend. We’d chat or speak on call all day! Few days in, we decided to meet midway. I was in Ahmedabad and he was in Nagpur at the time. He convinced me to stop by in Mumbai after my trip to Goa with my friends. Even while I was there, my friends already knew how much I was into him! Finally, the day we were supposed to meet, he was travelling from Nagpur to Mumbai and his train stopped midway due to some landslide and returned back! This time I convinced him to take a flight the same day. Due to covid guidelines, everything used to shut in Mumbai post 4 pm! Sneakily, I’d researched and found that Airport hotels had their restaurants open till 10 pm so that we could have dinner together. Very excitedly, I waited for Tanooj at the Airport Starbucks for our very first encounter. When he arrived, he gave me a warm hug and kept looking at me non-stop! Not in a creepy way but rather cutely. After our coffee and initial conversation, we headed out for dinner. While on the way, he grabbed my hand and all of a sudden everything made sense! It felt right. Next couple of days, we’d meet all day for lunch, cheesecake and dinner and cherish our time together. Little did we know we’d already started falling for each other. I’ve never met a guy so caring and so sweet to me. He just knew what I was thinking before I’d even say anything. We were both so sad when I had to go back home to Ahmedabad and decided to meet again after 10 days. This time I was in Lonavala for an office offsite before meeting him in Mumbai again. Even then, everytime he’d call, I would start blushing so noticeably that even my boss and colleagues noticed it haha. Our second rendezvous in, we went for lunch with my cousins so I’d let them bully him a little. He seemed pretty confident about me. Once we were alone, he went down on his knees and proposed to me. I was so surprised that I didn’t know what to say! Ofcourse I said yes. It felt right. A month in, a day after independence, we lost ours lol:p we had our roka. Last week, was our perfect dream wedding. Thank you JS for making us find each other ❤️