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Atul Kamble weds Pournima Kamble
Some stories are imagined, some stories are seen but story like ours is florished like an orchid in a wild heaven.. Trully madly n heavenly it was, when our ways crossed each other on being visited so many prosperouse interests and wanna be couples, we met each other on a virtual place. It started when a beautiful girl who wanted to get found by her dream boy who always wears fresh white shirt in her dream. She was searching him for years now perhaps on a normal Sunday, 7th Oct 2017 a special event took place. An aspirant, a tall, dark boy with his parents to find his SoulMate out to visit his gonna be prices. That day he had me meet 3 aspirants to find whom he would like to spend his entire life till eternity. His younger brother just created his account a month back on and he already had met couple of girls. He was on time to meet first aspirant of that day, Pournima. He reached to address sharp at 10 am, we skipped breakfast so to reach on time. We were guided by her younger brother to their home. We entered home, It was spaciouse and minimalist in terms of everything. Any home in Pune would be spaciouse as compare to Mumbai. We were offered water by mother of that home, we were too early for Pune clock. And just then we were first time got plates of "Kande Pohe"..this was the first family who offered us pohe otherewise tea and biscuits were normal course of business nowadays. My eyes, heart and stomach was happy to eat that cultural rich recipe of marriage meeting. My uncle,other and brother spoke in soft voices to her family. Pournima was getting ready and came in hall after 10 to 15 minutes after our arrival when we eete having warm and tasty kanda pohe. She was a shining beauty in redish pink colored saree which was prominant to her bright whetish skin and the big luminouse eyes. I as normal was in fresh white shirt and blue trousers and black shoes. She seated in front of me, as a gentlemne I was seeing her from the corner of my eyes avoiding direct staires. She might be doing the the same and speaking and answering softly perhaps mindfully and sensibly. I was driving the talk, we introduced ourselves, knew each others expectations. We had the longest chat I had ever had with bride and families in such programs. We left home by 12.30 pm with happy faces. I could see happiness on My mother, uncle brother and her mother faces at a tirm, first time. While leaving her home she was seeing me wearing my shoes from her doors. I could see a spark in her eyes, it could be for the fresh white shirt guy of her dreams. I put on my shoes and walked towards elevator. I from my shoulders had glimes of her again. Same shiney face, gentle staires and the curiosity to have a glimes me. We could sense positivity of hearts for each other on that moment. I left her home with that feeling and completed two more visits that day and also few more aspirants in that week whom we fixed meeting earlier. Pehpas my heartbeats got the tune of her heart, we already composed a blockbuster duet song in our hearts for movie of our lives. I asked my uncle to ask her whether she would marry uncle called her mother before 3 days of Diwali and conveyed our heart feelings which matched to her feelings too. 29th Nov 2017 she came to my home and we had "Tilak" ceremony, every night thereafter we talked, understood each other, blushed, rejoiced and decided the journeys of our life, 4th march 2018 when we bound in a eternal relation of heaven and earth. We promised each other that we will be one soul, one heart and complete each other, together,forever...