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Ankit Agarwal weds Geetika Agarwal
Matches are made in heaven, nah they are made at Ours is a story no different than others but with a feeling completely new to both of us. I Geetika, a girl completely enjoying her maidenhood was then interrupted by the idea of marriage. Not that I was a misogamist but only a little sceptic about this feeling of getting married, too fastidious to rush into anything. I certainly needed a person of complete equanimity and then with a fluke, I met this insanely romantic person making me believe he was the one for me and it would be naive of me to wait for someone else. Now why I call him romantic is because the moment he saw my profile he was sure he wanted me to be his girl. This is how he cites his first meeting with me- “I was already falling for your eyes and then the day I met you for real, I was spellbound the moment you came in and fell in love with you again”. He asked me to talk to him often so that we can know more about each other and despite however impromptu the situation was, I could only say a YES and here we are planning the celebrations of our Big day. And all we have is a strong feeling of euphoria! Thankyou JS!