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Sachin Sharma weds Tulsi Sharma
Dear All,,its a true love story and story about trusting each other with out seeing also.My parents were looking for suitable girl for me but couldnt ,,,destiny... Then I went to Middle east to work for famous Landmark Group and thought it would be difficult to get married being in middle east,,,but suddenly one nice morning my elder brother found one very simple good looking profile of Tulsi and my parents also got impressed from profile.I was just aware about that some profile has matched and both teams are busy on talks..Infact I also had seen the photos of tulsi which were sent by her only and we met each other on yahoo chat...thank god WE MET atleast on webcam....At first she didnt like me but after two more meetings only she started taking interest in me waiting for me in cyber cafe till I am online.. We both were agreed on getting ahead in life and so the same was conveyed to our parents,,,pls note..we couldnt meet personally coz I was in Middle east and couldnt come to India. The next thing was my parents were suppose to go to meet tulsi's parents and do the ROKNA of girl..Tulsi's mom was a bit hesitant as she never saw me and wanted to make sure everything is ok...after all she was the mother of girl...But my parents also made her to say yes to our proposal..and mind u i wasnt told about al this as my parents wanted to give me a big surprise and they got succeeded too,,,i got a call from tulsi that my parents had come and they have done the ROKNA and she was extremely happy and Iwas clueless and thinking in my heart,,,what all this girl is talking...I thought she was joking..but after some time my mom in law called back to tell me that everything went ok and ROKNA has been done and everybody is happy.then I had to tell her that I was unaware about this as my parents wanted to surprise me and she also got surprised to hear that from me..That all happened in March.. Now everybody had given me a surprise and I was waiting for my chance,,I got that but a bit late in october,,,I told tulsi that I am going to bahrain and my mobile will be out of network for next 4-5 days so she shouldnt get worry about me.Then I caught a flight for delhi reached at home and next day reached IIG airport to catch flight for bhopal,,,thanx to Dhakkan Airways I missed it!!! thank god same day i was blessed with one more day morning I reached Bhopal w/o telling anybody except tulsi's Mamaji and Mummy,,,when I reached home none were aware about my arrival,,I reached home at 8 in the morning at everybody was surprised and happy to see me. That's how WE MET each other and my mom in law was also satisfied to see me..all my sali's were sitting around me (3 is a luxury) and asking me all sort of questions and teasing me and Tulsi... Tmrw we are completing one year of our marriage,,the time have gone past like anything,,seems like it was yesterday only when we got married.The love ,trust & co-operation is still the same as it was one year before in fact it has increased only with our understanding to each other. Thanks a lot to,,i know we are too late but its like we were so busy in each other we forgot the world and people... Thanx guys for reading it... Love all Tulsi & Sachin