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People says that it's very hard to find someone RIGHT in your life who really Cares for you, Give all of her/his love you & above all understand you. And if you are looking for such type of partner especially on the Internet where most of them are just trying to build the relationship on dishonesty & greed, it's very hard to get the "right one" & if you don't get the "right one" how can you build the strong relationship called marriage. But even after being so difficult if you get the right person in your life, We must say It's your destiny. We are one of the luckiest people whom God has blessed. After having lots & lots of unbearable pains, Insult, exploitation & non recoverable wounds, both of us had decided not get married in life again, but destiny has chosen something else for us. Few months back she has decided to start the new life & so do I. Luckily we got registered on the same website ( but even after that we were not able to find each other but one day suddenly with some search result her profile get popped up & I got fascinated because of her simplicity. It was 12th of March 2011. I sent a message to her but I didn't got the reply from her because her profile was operated by her sister & her nephew. In the mean time I took the membership of & because of that I was able to get the contact details of her & on one Sunday I sent a message on her mobile no. & suddenly I got the phone call from her sister & she told me that they are interested in my profile but they had some worries about the new relationship but after talking to me they found themselves in a comfort zone. After that she told me to talk to her & ask her whatever I want but at that I was also very nervous because I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling even in my thoughts. Some how I managed to talk to her & then she was also feeling comfortable. It was 26th of March then we have decided to meet at her place with our families. Then on 3rd of April we met each other. After looking her Love, Care & respect to everyone, I felt in my heart that she is the one whom I am searching for my whole life. Then after coming back for her place I had a talk with my family & they got agreed. After that we started sharing our feeling & thoughts on phone & then on 22nd of April 2011 they came to my home to meet my family. Somehow everything was happening so smoothly that we felt that there is someone who is guiding all of us. On the same evening I got the confirmation from their family that all of them will be happy to be a part of our family. But this wasn't all I was looking for, I was worried about her feelings. That evening she accepted my proposal decided to start the new life with me on 6th of May 2011. Everything was happening so fast that we couldn't believe. We were literally feeling the presence of God with us. We got very small time to get prepared for marriage, so we have decided to do all the necessary shopping & to do all the necessary stuff by ourselves. On 30th of April she came back to my place for shopping & all. We have started our shopping & in next 3 days we shopped all the necessary things. Then she went back to her place for rest of the stuff & I continued my shopping for remaining stuff. On 5th of May 2011 they came with their entire family & we got engaged that day followed by the mehandi ceremony at our place. Next Morning around 8 AM we went to the Ganesh Temple to say thanks to God for his blessings & giving us the right direction in our life. Same afternoon we got bonded in a relationship of a lifetime called "Marriage". But in this entire process & at every moment we felt that it's only God & our destiny who is guiding & supporting us, that's why we are always thankful to God & all the people who had made our life so wonderful. Thanks a lot to all of you to become a part of our wonderful life.