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Gaurav Alugh weds Pratibha Chauhan
When i received a request from Delhi guy named Gaurav 8 Aug 2016 and i originally being from a small town was confused whether to take it forward or not. Parents spoke to each other and found it fine to take forward. I who was already ready to go for an arranged marriage , thought it would be like any other arrange marriage. We will talk to each other for some months and then will get engaged and get married.We spoke on calls for around two months and then we met in Delhi in Oct 2016. First meeting was good and confusing..i found him to be very talkative and open , he found i talk very less. I actually thought we are totally different. We continued talking for a while and knowing each other. The best part was we used to enjoy talking and it was not turning up like a normal arranged marriage. Nobody from the family pressurized us to come to conclusion and to decide quickly . After around 6 months our parents met , everybody was fine to take it forward. This was the time when he got a little confused like every guy who is scared to get married and thinks being bachelor is great :). But he could not say no thinking he would be missing something in life if i am not there as a part of it. I had already thought of not falling for him until i feel he is attached to me, though i was already attached to him. We both were feeling each others importance. Not sure when this arranged marriage turned into love . We got rokafied in March 2017. Then the wait started for the marriage that was planned for 11 Dec 2017. We actually did not think that we would wait so eagerly to get married and be together. Yes it was a tough and exciting time from june till dec since i was in Bangalore and he was in Delhi. He visited me twice to Bangalore in this 6 months duration and yes that was the best time of my life. This is when you feel amazed when dreams turn into reality. This does not mean that our story is all happy like a fairy tale, we both fought , diagreed to each other and used to be upset at each other but never came the thought that we are not good for each other, we wanted to be together in spite of anything that came in the way. I think this is what you feel when you get your partner for life and stick together inspite of any odds. My advice to people trying to find their better halves , try not judge someone by some photo , by one sentence or some meeting. Don't judge by his/her education, occupation, family or place. Give it time , take time and give time. Don't rush on anything. You will surely find someone with whom you would resonate even if you both are different background, different place or different natures. A good relationship before or after marriage requires time , patience , understanding and trust. Give it all and you would surely get it in return. All the best and happy searching. Please find our photos attached. We got engaged on 26th Nov 2017 and finally married on 11 Dec ,2017 Thank you Regards Pratibha