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Ankur Agarwal weds Suman Mahendra
First I saw her profile on jeevansathi and send her interest request. She accepted my interest and then I called her. We talked normally and felt she is not much enthuciatic about to meet initially. Even she said NO to meet me. However I was bit excited to talk to her so I was keep calling her and talking. She like my voice but my profile pics were not convincing her to take decision of marriage. She was uncertain bcoz of looks. Somehow I convinced her to meet. We first time meet in her hometown in one restaurant. We talked a lot and disscussed lot of things about our life, interest and family and had lunch together. During the disscussion, I felt she is also happy and taking interest in me. She told me to take her pics and I took many pictures of her. I found as per her name(Suman) she is very fond of flowers. After the meeting I called her to know what she is thing about next. As We met in the end of winter season, so I came wearing sweater, which she didn’t like. And another thing she was uncertain additional to looks were my height, which she felt is not higher to her. After that I made couple of calls to her to convince for another meeting. She was not agree to meet second time due to some family permission issues. Anyhow, I convinced Suman to meet for another time. We again met in the same restaurant where we met last time in her hometown. This time also we had lots of disscussion. This time I came in pair of jeans and loose t-Shirt, she saw a burnt mark on my shoulder, whose I didn’t talk about earlier and that was also not mentioned in my jeevansathi profile. This made her mind that I am hiding something from her from her concent. As I also felt the both meeting of us were bit boring due to restaurant’s environment because of that she is taking lesser interest in me to go further. I again tried to communicate her and found this time she is least interested to go further as second time meeting also could not make her mind to take decision to go further; even this time she became bit more confused as she felt something is being hidden from her. This time I really had to work harder to convince about our next meeting. This time I had decided not to meet at same place. The positive thing with me which were making her to meet me is my nature and whatever I had written in jeevansathi profile. Was seeming her true and believable and she also like my attitude, nature a lot. She was uncertain coz of my looks as I was giving least priority on my grooming. We still were in talk on periodic manner in the evening 7:00 pm, 2 times in a week. She had some family wedding event so she had to went to Zind in haryana and for almost 10 days we didn’t have any communication to each other. I was keep trying to contact her as per best capacity. She communicated me after 10 days and somehow I convince her that bcoz of boring place she is thinking negative about me to take decision and I also convinced her that I intentionly didn’t hide about my burnt mark available on sholder. Further I conviced her to meet at some entertaining place preferably in cinema-hall. She agreed but she also said if I do not like this time we will never meet. Additinally she also wanted to see my burnt shoulder mark as well. I agreeed to meet on her conditions and confidentlly told her that she will not be disappointed this time. We met iin one major Mall of rewari and watched Baaghi-2 movie together. The movie was very entertaining and it made my day. She enjoyed a lot the movie and we wnjoyed a lot together. After the movie we had lunch togther then she wanted to see my burnt marks. As we were having lunch in small restaurant outside the mall, I could not comfortably open my shirt and show her my shoulder. We again went to Mall and went into staircase section, where I expressed corrage and shown my shoulder after opening my shirt maintaing the privacy intent. She was okay with my burnt mark and found it is very small and doesn’t look odd as well further there is no burnt mark else thn this in my whole body. This time I found, she was convinced with my whole persona. I wanted to take our interest to next level. This time she said, she will pass this information to her parents and based on that her parents may call me or not to meet them. After somedays, she got green signal from her parents and they wanted to meet me. I went to her home and met her parents and 10 year younger brother of Suman. They all liked my nature and found my personality perfect fit. After this our both family met and took decision to make the marriage as soon as possible. Meanwhile we were keep meeting and watched many movies together and had so many dates. We found so much comfortable with each other. We want to give thanks to Jeevansathi.con to provide effective plateform to give opportunity where genuine profile could interect thier soulmets.