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Himanshu Rewaria weds Shivani
It all started on 31st January, 2017, when I decided to give life a new turn. I created my account on, scrolled down a huge number of profiles, as it was the matter of my whole life, had conversations with a few and went through a lot of rejections as well. Then on the sixth day, I came across a profile, fulfilling almost everything I mentioned. I sent interest to that profile, he first accidentally rejected it. But then later realized that he came through a very suitable profile but where is it now!! Luckily he found it in the rejected profiles, accepted it finally. We started talking him on Facebook. LOL. We had a mutual friend and that was my 'Nanaji', nothing could have been better than this! I pinged him on Facebook and from there our conversation started, we exchanged numbers and then it never ended. After having 2-3 conversations with him, I had a positive kind of feeling, but I still wasn't fully sure and for that a meeting was inevitable. We are staying in different cities, me in Kochi and he is settled in New Delhi, it's kind of a whole country in between. Seeing each other required a lot of planning. We decided to meet after one week. I reached his city and he came to receive me at t he Airport. It was like a date with someone you are thinking of getting married to, altogether a very different feeling. After that one meeting I could undoubtedly say that he is the one for me. It was a very hasty decision I made but I couldn't see even a single reason to give it another thought. Everything was so perfect! So finally we told our parents about what was going on and in no time Roka was done. We are Happily Married now!! Going to complete one successful year of this bonding, many more to go. Heartiest thanks to for helping me find my perfect partner!